Gluten / Dairy Free Menu


Tomato, basil and smoked paprika risotto with spring onion oil,fresh parmesan and baby spinach 19.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Citrus, coriander seed and pepper dusted wok fried calamari, romesco sauce, roasted peanuts, thai basil, coriander, bean shoots, nim jam dressing 20.5
Gluten and dairy free

Pan roasted Rannoch Farm quail, celeriac and radish remoulade, sweet corn veloute, crispy chorizo and parsley oil 21.5
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Steamed East Coast Tasmanian mussels, lemon, chilli, garlic and white wine broth and fresh herbs 21.5 Subject to availability
Gluten free, contains dairy

Hot Smoked Atlantic salmon blended with crème fraiche, dill and tarragon on avocado puree, horseradish mousse, baby radishes and fried capers 20.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Entree tasting platter
Smaller versions of our most popular entrées including hot smoked salmon,
tomato, basil and smoked paprika arincini and Southern calamari with romesco sauce 30
Gluten free, contains dairy

North East Coast Tasmanian Oysters, freshly shucked to order
Natural with lemon
Natural with nim jam dressing
Natural with dill crème fraiche
Baked with balsamic and prosciutto
Natural with vodka lime granita
1 for 4.5 dollars or ½ dozen for 22
All Gluten free, dairy free upon request


All our main course accompaniments can be substituted with a side of duck fat and thyme roasted dutch cream potatoes for dairy intolerant customers

Thyme and roasted garlic infused Nichols chicken breast, slow cooked chicken and mustard wellington, wild mushroom risotto, charred red peppers and spring onion oil 36
Gluten free upon request, dairy free upon request

Tomato and shiraz ragout, layered with char grilled eggplant and roasted red peppers truffle oil and taleggio cheese, served with crispy polenta chips,
garden salad and truffle oil mayonnaise 34
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Tasmanian Midlands venison shoulder slow cooked in red wine, juniper and pepperberries, braised red cabbage, smoked plums, white onion puree and water chestnuts 38
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Slow cooked rolled belly of pork layered with sage and five spice with pickled pear, celeriac puree, Spreyton pear cider and cassia bark reduction 37
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Pan roasted Macquarie Harbour Atlantic salmon, fragrant yellow coconut curry sauce, crispy local cuttlefish, roasted pumpkin, lime leaf yoghurt, red mizuna and fresh herbs 38
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

All local beef is char grilled and served with layered potato, roasted garlic and thyme gratin, hazelnut dressed green beans and tempura onion rings
Eye fillet, Longford (Northern Tasmania) 46
Scotch fillet dry aged minimum 15 days, Stowport (North West Tasmania) 39
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Choice of sauces
●cafe de paris butter ●red wine jus ● beef and szechuan pepper jus
Horseradish cream ●wild mushroom sauce
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

All mains above served with seasonal vegetables
Gluten free, dairy free upon request

Side dishes 9
Purple cabbage and carrot slaw with fresh herbs and nim jam dressing
Garden salad with shaved Grana Padano parmesan, walnuts and fresh apple with 8yr old balsamic vinegar
Gluten and dairy free upon request


Kaffir lime leaf pannacotta, lemon thyme jelly, milk chocolate cremeux, 15.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Peanut praline semi freddo, caramel sauce chocolate mousse, flaked almonds 15.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Toasted coconut sphere centered with raspberry puree, milk chocolate cremeux, shaved coconut 15.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Salted caramel sunday layered with caramel sauce, fresh banana, chantilly cream and salted caramel icecream 15.5
Gluten free, contains dairy

Selection of icecreams and sorbets 12
Gluten free, contains dairy

Dessert tasting platter
Smaller versions of our most popular desserts including Salted caramel sunday, kaffir lime pannacotta and peanut caramel semifreddo 23
Gluten free, contains dairy

Bayviews Cheese Platter
Consisting of Tasmania’s finest cheeses, accompanied by fresh fruit, candied nuts, and crackers. Please ask our friendly staff for selection of cheeses
3 Cheeses 25
4 Cheeses 28
5 Cheeses 31
Gluten free, contains dairy

Vanilla icecream and espresso served with your choice of liqueur 17
without liqueur 9
Gluten free, contains dairy

Liqueur Coffee:
Long black with your choice of spirit or liqueur topped with cream 12
Gluten free, contains dairy